Mich X-11 update

I have a post out about the X-11 not being DOT approved.( im over that now). This weekend I went trail riding, (with hills) and was really impressed with the traction I got with this tires. I climbed hills that I would of never tried with my other tires. My other tires I did alot of gunning and running, with almost to the top spin-outs. Slick muddy trails no problem. The draw-back(other than the flat tire sway)is that I really dont think I will get even 1000 miles. After only about 150 miles they show alot of wear and quit a few knobbies look like they just might peel off soon. Do anyone know a tire thats the best of both worlds? (trail riding and street use that last) :thumbsup:

I would not run an X-11 on the street for very long. If you truely want dual sport tires then give the Pirelli MT21's a try. They are a dirt focused dual sport tire. As far as a flat with the x-11's I am running tire balls at a 9 psi effective pressure. I think the sidewalls are so weak the any tube will get pinched at a sharp bump at speed. Tire balls are awesome! No more flats for me. :thumbsup:

Hi Indy? What are tire balls? :thumbsup:

I am surprised that there are only a few of us TT members using Tire Balls. Entry cost is high. :thumbsup: See my next post.

They are awesome. :awww: Expensive to get into :devil: but they should last a many years if you take care of them :cheers:usa: web site:


I love them and they are easier to install IMO than a tube.

You need to get there tools and accessories and it will run a total of about $700.00 to get into it.

Scott Summers, Mike Kiedrowski, Destry Abbott have been running them all season and Ty Davis just started running them. :thumbsup:

Takes big balls to try something like this at 260 per tire. It will be awhile before I can afford some. I will try anything once. :thumbsup:

The Tire Balls work great! :awww: They are as light as a heavy tube. You can adjust the inflation pressure of each ball. You can drive over a ball with a 10,000. lb truck and it will not blow. The silicone lubricant keeps the balls in great shape. I find them easier to install than the ultra heavy tubes or foam inserts. Like I said it is expensive to get into but over the long haul they are a great value. No flats out in the wilderness! :devil::thumbsup:

Thanks for the info Dan. :thumbsup:

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