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CRF Motorwork

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I have been thinking about having the motor in my 04 250F port and polished. I hear Varner and Tom Morgan Racing can make the bike rip, and I was possibly thinking about sending it to TBT Racing because they are local. Is there anyone who can tell me about the motor work that these three shops do? Or maybe there are some better ones out there? let me know.

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This is gonna be a realtively long response but I hope youfind it helpful.

I was trying to decide between going to Morgan or buying an 05.

After doing some research I came to the conclusion that neither was right for me.

Here is what I did instead. I had my mechanic at ESP suspension do all of the following work.

1. installed 05 cam.

2. 05 black box (ignition)

3.Ported and polished head installed new valve springs.

(this work was done by a guy who does formula 1 cars and has been doing porting for over 25 years) He does work exclusively for ESP.

4. New stock piston and rings.

5. Re-installed stock exhaust system. (I had a Pro Circuit ti system on this bike).

So here is why I made my choice.

Tom morgan wanted approximately $1500.00 For the above work minus the ignition, gaskets , oil. (morgan grinds your cam). With tax gaskets, oil etc it probably would have been between 1700-1800 out the door.

At ESP including labor to disassemble and reassemble the engine I spent approximately 1100.00 out the door.

Here is the result.

Broke in the bike on saturday and raced it sunday.


It rides more like a 450 now than a 250f.

It is not as fast as a 450 but it has similar power characteristics.

I had the opportunity while I was breaking in my bike to ride an 05 CRF250.

All I can say is my bike is much stronger. MUCH!

I believe the difference must be in the head porting.

All I can tell you is it was worth every penny.

So far everyone who has ridden it loves it.

I know I sound like an ad for ESP but I am not telling you to use them I'm just telling you that the engine work makes a world of difference on this bike.

If you want ESP's number

semd me a PM.

They are located in Southern California. George the owner is a great guy and his suspension work has been featured in Dirt Rider, Motocross Action, & Dirt Bike Magazines.

Take Care

Steve Landsberg

Vet X & OTHG # 211

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