xr 650 good in the woods?

is the xr650 any good in the woods? also whats about the top speed on it stock? if this is not any good in the woods what would you recemend 2 stroke or 4 either or other than an xr what would be good? thanx

Woods and top speed dont really mix! But 95-105 depending on the gearing.

Any bike can be good in the woods if setup properly. Take Scott Summers for example on the xr6 adn xr650. But he is a big guy and strong.

I like the xr6 in the woods, when it gets really tight it is a challenge for sure! Glad I weightlift a lot.

Really for woods, a 4 stroke is better becuase of the more tractible power and heavier flywheel. You can add weight to a 2 stroke flywheel and that will help.

Ideally for tight tight woods all the time, the xr250 is a good choice or other 250-300cc bike. They are light, nimble and have enough power with a 6 speed to still give you good top end.

I have an XR 600 2000 bike has awsome power in the woods up monster hill rocky or not the power is there its is definatly a heavy bike I am about 225 and it is perfect cut the bars alittle and you off.

If you you want massive power, the xr is it. Depending on your size you may want something lighter. Go for the WR 250f, you will not be disappointed

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