Ready Filter- heads up

Just a note, I ordered a Ready Filter for my 426 just to try it out, plus I figured it can't hurt to have a spare. In case you aren't familiar with them, Ready Filters are two stage foam filters that come pre-oiled with Maxima FFT and a pair of rubber gloves, for $10!!! :thumbsup: I haven't taken the filter out of the sealed bag yet, but the quality appears to be up to par with stock or other aftermarket filters. However, I'm not too pleased about the 2 week wait for it to get here. Just a head's up for anyone considering ordering from Ready Filter (I ordered mine direct BTW).

Dang, I ordered mine just about TWO weeks ago too! I'm like, "What's going on here?!" I guess they need to work on their shipping methods.

I think they might have a problem with supply and demand!!! I'm thinking their supply is less than their demand, for sure. I like their filters and put a new one in the night before every race (I run practice on different filter). I noticed at this last race (did not put in a new filter and it was actually not a ready filter i was running :thumbsup:) that my motor developed more of an off-idle bog and started to stutter towards the end of the race. It was extremely dusty and I bet you my bike would have ran much better had I put a ready filter in before the race. I definitely learned my lesson!

and yes, i'm sponsored by them as my sig. implies but I would not promote a company that I do not use or i didn't think made quality products.

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