2001 wr 426

WOW!!! I just bought a 2001 wr426 in california. It has the pipe and all the mods recomended. I did a lot of research on the net reading about different 4-strokes. I almost got the new yz450f. I'm glad I didn't. I had the impression that the yz model was faster, lighter, and just plain easier to ride. I plan to ride in the mountains, pismo dunes, and the desert. Thats when I'm away from my 5 acres of flat land. I've ridden several bikes over the years but the last bike I owned was a 84 xr80... lol. anyway, I got to take it out this weekend. It completely exceeded my expectations. The suspension is incredible and the power is endless. It doesn't feel like a big bike when your riding. I consider myself a experienced novice but felt completely comfortable twisting the throttle and lifting the front tire down the straight aways. fun!!!! I love this bike.

I am right with you! I, too just bought a 01 WR426 and it has exceeded my expectations as well. It is big, beefy and high strung BUT very easy to ride. The first time I had the chance to ride my bike off-road I was with my buddy who has an XR400 (I should add that I came VERY close to buying an XR400) and the WR absolutely blew it away. It was not even close. Hands down in all categories this bike is far superior. In the one category that is most important to me: FUN, this bike is ALL OVER the XR400.

I almost bought a 1998 yz400f for 3300. It was street legal in california. The guy sold it the morning I called him but we had been talking and I was just calling him to tell him I was going to pick it up. That would have been cool to be able to ride it on the road but I love my bike. I don't know if I would trade it. I rode it in the sierra nevadas and it is perfect for trails. It blew me away. Not only is there more than enough power, the suspension felt perfect. I'm about 5' 9", 180 pounds and I could ride comfortable on long straight aways but nothing phased it... jumps, stumps, rocks. I kept expecting to be bounced off the trail and the supension just soaked it up. I felt confident on it. Damn Yamaha made a good bike. I kind of feel sorry for the guys that buy the yz model because its the yz model when they are going to ride it everywhere but the track. I got to the top of a easy trail and watched the sun set over the lake and then rode back in the dark. I couldn't be happier.

I bought my 01 WR426 in August of 01 and have put nearly 4500 miles on it. Almost all single track trails. It never has left me stranded. And always gets me where I want to go.

Minimal maintanance and always ridden hard. Best bike I have ever owened! and street legal too! :thumbsup:



Eric, sold my road plated WR426F today. I remember you have some "Lynwood Motoplex" connections, I bought a new 2004 WR450F out of Canada, my goal is to get it road plated. Did you have assistance when you did yours? Did you buy it new in WA? I may PM you for some questions if you dont mind? I'm going to get some paperwork via the mail, not sure what to expect yet, just hoping nothing reads "off road use only"

Well fellow 426 owners I am proud to announce that I now own my FIRST WR. Its an 02 426 that I bought right off the showroom floor today. I guess those guys just had a surplus in 02 and then everybody just wanted the newer models. But for $4200 for an 02 426 that has seen nothin but showroom all its life I couldent pass it up.

Wow, now that "NOS" (new old stock) but in your case, its even old new stock! Cant imagine it setting that long?

Wait until you install a YZ seat & tank on your WR's :thumbsup::devil::awww::lol::D

Just got my 01' WR426 a couple weeks ago. I can't get enough of it. It's costing me money everyday. I can't stay at work long enough to make any money, I'm itching to go home and ride it. I opened up the airbox, and took off the spark arrestor. It is a lot louder now but well worth it with the added power. The previous owner said he put YZ cams in it. Im not sure if it was just re-timed or new cams all together. If anyone knows of anything else I can do to make it quicker, but keeping the reliability please let me know. It seems like there is a little hiccup at very low rpm's. Not sure if this is normal after these mods, if there is something I can do to get rid of this please let me know.

Ive had my 2001 wr426 just over a month now and I am realy impressed, at the moment its in full super moto trim with black XL rims on gold Talon hubs with a full Brembo brake set up, wavey front oversized disk and super moto plastics and light unit.Its light, quick and bloody good fun. Motox wheels will be going on nxt month ready for the practice tracks and green lanes. any maintanance issues I should know about? I am from the U.K :cry: :cry: :cry:

I went riding again today for like the 4th time. I keep getting more and more impressed. It's like the bike is trying to keep me from falling. The suspension just soaks everything up. Perfect power range in every gear. If this bike had only three gears it would probably be enough for most people. so much fun!!!

bdruff You are talking crazy if it had only 3 gears it would probably be enough for most people....come on. I am looking for a 6th gear many times. I dont know maybe just me. But my WR426 is great.

My 426 deosn't even have an aftermarket pipe and I think it is a blast! When I was shopping for a new bike, I wanted to buy a quiet and powerfull bike. I could not ask for more. Well I know more powerfull do bike exists but to me, the bike is the best of all worlds, light enough, great suspension, dual sported, great in the woods, track competent and can be modified with YZ specs/parts... it has it all. Plus it has been darn reliable so far. What to say except that I love this bike! Many years from now, I'm sure we'll still remember that one as one of the best off road bike ever built.

Have fun guys!

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