XR400 Dual Sport Kit For Sale

Hello everyone,

I am new to this board and have not read everything yet but find it very enjoyable.

I have an almost new, complete Baja Designs Dual Sport kit for my XR400 I would like to sell. I installed it on my bike and have ridden twice. But since I purchased the kit and installed it, the State of Washington has changed their policy on reclassifying dirt bikes. Now I can't get reclassified. The kit was $395 new. I would like to get $275 for it. I can send a picture if needed. I can be reached at "bspf@hotmail.com" Thanks and good riding.

hrm, interesting! I just got my xr600 street legalized about 6 months ago in Oregon and had heard the same thing.

Check the title to see if there is a plate number. If there is, you are in business. Just apply for a lost plate! That is what I did. It helps to tell the dealer what your intentions are as I think they put down a plate number on the original title :-)

Forgot to add, after that I got the DMV motorcycle manual and it outlines what is needed on a bike to be street legal. In oregon it is a mirror, brake light activated by one brakes, headlight, white liscense plate light and turn signals if newer than 1973. Never been hassled or anything from the cops here in this college town which surprises me! I still have the dirt tires on! I also picked up a speedo from a 70s honda 350 bike and it is dead on! $5 on ebay! Anything with the same wheel diameter should work, so like 250 and larger bikes.

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I was down at the sand dunes on the Oregon coast this last week and stopped in the the Florence KTM dealership for a look. I started talking to them about getting the bikes street legal and the dealer said that Oregon is not letting the conversions happen now either. I was considering titling my motorcycle there.

interesting, but that is what I have read and heard also. Must be who you are nice to at the dealer. The other trick that I used is that that the model on the title was listed as "VT" and the DMV guy was like &%$#@! is that? So I told him it was a XL600. My insurance did not have a XR600 listed on their records, so I told them the same thing, XL600.

haha, just have to be a weasel!

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