13 PINS, 14 PINS,the real answer is??

I thought I read the FAQ's enough to know. But I just installed a new factory WR450 decomp cam in my WR426. Everything went great, except when it came time to start it. Nothing. Just a small backfire once in a while. I had it set at 13 pins which I thought I always read as correct for a WR cam.

I finally tried it at 14 pins and it runs perfect. I am very happy with the mod. Just want to know the real answer for the pin count.

I also noticed on member HotCams sig he says, "do not count pins". Whats that about? I double checked the part number on the box and it is for a WR. Althought there is no number on the actual cam itself.

Any input appreciated. Just curious at this point. The mod is defininetely worth doing. I love the easy kicking starts on a sidehill. Thanks...Ty

14 pins is correct for the WR cam, as for hot cams, pins arent the correct way to time cams but it does work and it's easier to explain to other people.

Thanks blue beast. I seem to see a lot of different opinions when I do a search. I was just going from memory when I installed it so I may have been mixed up also?

It runs perfect now and I love it. Just always want to better understand things.

In my case, switching to YZ timing with stock cams meant going from 14 to 13 pins... It's good to make sure your crank is at TDC on the "|" of the "H|" mark, with the chain slack taken up on the tensioner side, to confirm proper cam positioning.

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