Thermastat - In or Out?

Seeing Honda does most things right I wonder if these things really run hotter with the thermastat in. I know the thought that the thing may sick half way open is not a good thing, but the bike sure warms up fast with it in. I have done some slow sand work in Spring, TX with no gurgle from the over flow.

Has anyone tested the actual temp vs. in or out?

In or out the only difference seems to be warm up time. Once operating the oil temperature runs between 190 and 210 deg F and is very consistent. I removed my T-stat, went with a 1.8 cap and use engine ice coolant which is biodegradable and works well. I have boiled my bike only in the most extream conditions. Stock I boiled it much more frequently. My thermostate was fine when I removed it 6 months ago. It will stay out.

Make sure you richen up the jetting from as delivered as its lean and contributes to overheating. Uncorking the bike also makes a big difference.


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