Going to Baja to ride 2000 miles in 7 day what do I need

We are going to ride to cabo from San Diego 1000 miles each way- about 300 miles a day. what do I need to do to my xr650r, it has a Baja Design kit on it with a big tank. any help would be great. Im going to ask the same question on a wr425f

...a body bag? :thumbsup:

You better bring two extra ass cheeks to sit on. :thumbsup::devil:

For sure, you better pack some Gold Bond. :awww:(Icy Gnomes) :lol:

That is a long ride. Are you riding hwy 1 or doing the dirt roads?

Your going to need spare parts like tubes and levers. You'll need an extra set of tires for sure. I rode to Cabo on a set of Michelin Baja's and they were done after 1300 miles. Do you have a suport truck? Man thats a long way in Baja.

We need more info to help you with this trip. I hope your going with a tour group.


its like 106 in the shade down there right now...your tires will litterally rip apart on the 160 degree pavement...so you cant ride the Hwy 1 anyway...(been there, done that, D606 chunked in no time!)the interior dirt roads are so so so freaking hot right now. The northern sea of cortez water temp is about 85-90 it feels like a bath--and so along the Cortez coast it wont cool down past 85-90 at night...plus its super buggy....theres a reason all the Baja tour groups shut down for the summer...its doable--sure--but its not fun--and it is potentially a bit 'risky' in some areas...

Your only chance at having a fun trip is to hug the west coast...and to do that you will need a chase truck and someone who knows the way...ask Tim Morton to take you...www.bajaboundmoto.com...if he is busy i might take ya-but only if he turns ya down...(hi boss!)

Anyway--for sure keep an eye on the weather--its hurricane season south of San Ignacio and its very very routine this time of year for the few dirt roads and Hwy 1 to get cut for a few days or weeks while the flash floods subside and the detours get bulldozed...in fact there is a hurricane off central Baja right now...no idea if the west coast route is even doable...did they get heavy rain yesterday?

At a minimum you will need the Baja Almanac for maps...any 650 with a big tank should make it...but yeah 2000 miles on a single tire is risky...bring a 2 litre camelback, tire changing, etc.

Are you serious?

Maybe a GPS...

We are going in May of 05 so I have some time. From the looks of things the weather should not be that bad ( mid 70's ) The wives are going down so Ill have her check a spare tire on the plane. Ill look into the gps route. As things stand now we are planing on going in a small group on HWY 1 with a few side trips. Im working on a custom seat. Thanks for the input

May is awesome in Baja!

Lots of flowers (and bees)

Should be fun.

Get the Baja Almanac.

If you go by the maintenance schedual in the book, you will need 3 oil changes and 3 valve adjustments along the way.


Carnutsx2 - Check your PM

Honestly though, down and back in 7 days plus a night with the wife in Cabo (and maybe some bike maintenance that night) is REALLY pushing it. You're gonna be on a ton of Hwy. If you are an Expert class rider and know exactly which routes to take (without looking at a map or lame GPS) and you're planning a extremely fast pace then it's possible to do it on a lot of dirt. But that doesn't sound like the situation.

Sounds doable (barely), but... Isn't the idea of the ride to have fun? That's just too much riding (and a lot of pavement) packed into consecutive days to make much sense. Plus, that kind of schedule doesn't leave room for ANY glitches.

This would make more sense: If there are, say, four good riders, then take turns; one person drives the chase truck, the other three ride. Carry good radios. This would allow you to carry spare parts, tires, tools, food & drinks, clothes, etc. Plus, it'd be a lot safer, too, in case of a mechanical failure or a crash & injury.

Why don't you meet your wife in Cabo, then spend 6 days or so just riding back? That might allow for some better sightseeing/ trailriding excursions.

Just my 2 pesos worth...

May is a good time to ride Baja. When we ride to Cabo we push hard for 4 days and service the bikes on day 5 in Loreto. Baja is fun but real tough, even the roads are tough. If your going for sure I would PM a couple of us for our phone numbers. This is a serious ride your taking so don't take it lightly.

We are going down in 3.5 days and stay for a week then back up in 3.5 days. As of this point we have 3 people going if some of you guys want to go let me know . I live in the Seattle area if you guys want to get together.

Yeah, really watch out for the swarms of bees/bugs. Last May, on our return from a 300 mile loop ride I got stung by a bee. We were heading south on Hwy 1 and taking the turn off to go back to Bahia De Los Angeles. We were cruising along at about 50 MPH and I didn't even see the swarm over the road. I had a few bees stuck in my helmet and a few more in my jacket. I almost crashed trying to stop so I could shake them out and in the process one of the bees stung me on the side of my nose. My friend and his dad kept going since both are allergic to bees.

Can't wait to go back again in March/April!! :thumbsup:

yeah every spring while riding in Baja--especially pre-running the Baja 500 in May-- i end up riding right into those huge bee swarms...its really freaky for me cause i am allergic to the little shiites. Last year i got hit by several day before the race and had to go back to the states for the night. Now i ride with a neck scarf to minimze bee stings...then there was the one that got stuck between my ear and helmet...BIZZZZ BIZZZZZZZZ...managed to get the helmet off without getting stung.


Sounds like a lot of highway. And with alllllll that highway, some seriously worn out hands. (Get a cruise control!). :cry: If you think I'm kidding... you've never ridden many miles on a (supposed your on the XR) dual purpose machine down the pavement. Soooo much vibration and stuff comes up through the bike.

There's many good ideas here on the site. Baja Almanac is a must. GPS - I don't leave home without it, even IN my car (a lot of us hard core Baja riders "not me however" laugh at GPS users... some of them say "if you need one, you shouldn't be in Baja" Well... I disagree. Hence, I carry one and train all the main riders in my group how to use it in case I get knocked out or am too delirious). And then a ton of tools and repair items. Emergency repair stuff is what I'm talking about... like McGyver Gum (Epoxy)...etc..etc.

Back in the day I listed some stuff on my other site; MikesSkyRancho.com Hit the link of what to carry. It's a bit much, but it helps.

Have fun...

I can't believe Mike offered to take ya if Tim wouldn't. What a nice guy! That's no walk in the park in the dirt... a chase truck is a must if you ask me. If it's only highway, you can always ask a local to give ya a ride.

Watch for cows on the road at night... and semi-trucks in your lane any time of day!!

:cry: :cry: :cry:

Thanks for all the info. I dont think it will be any worse that going from Tacome to the USGP on a GSXR1100. Ill keep everyone up to date on the trip. once again , thanks

Hey no worries...

But don't forget... that term "any worse"... well, does it apply to Mexico?! ...and banditos ...and Military Checkpoints ...and nut ball truck drivers ...and livestock ...and small smudge pots for freeway diversions ...annnd, AHhhh... you get the idea. :cry:



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