going to Cabo with a wr426F what do I need to do?

We are going to ride to cabo from San Diego what do I need to do to my wr426, I know lights and a big tank, what about a cush drive? any help would be great. its about 1000 miles each way.

Heavy Tubes and spare tubes! Real tough tires only! Pirelli MT21, Michelin Baja , Dunlop 739AT (desert tire) etc. Inflation cartridges and tire irons. GPS and route maps! :thumbsup:

When are you going? I have a house in Los Barriles, 1hr north of Cabo on the east cape area. I'll be down a few times this year.

I live in Los Barriles too, this is Big Jim speaking, who are you? Make sure you put a 15 tooth sprocket on the front with the stock rear, you'll need the speed. :thumbsup::devil:

Hey Jim, small world. We just purchased Baja Ben's son's little place on Lonney Loop, right next to Ben and Lorri's.

Also just buying a new '04 WR450f to bring down this year sometime.

Larry :thumbsup:

You in Wa or Baja now?

We are going doen in May of next year so I have some time to get my stuff in one sock. Thanks for the input

Larry, We are in WA now, I just had 2 total knee replacements in the last 30 days so I'm recovering right now. We will be down to Baja in the middle of November and I'm hoping to be well and ready to rip by Dec. At least thats the plan.. I keep trying to get INDY and a few of the guys to come on down to our neck of the woods and we'll try to keep up with them. You're going to love the 450 in the desert, mine just rocks, I can't imagine and haven't ridden a bike with the combo of power and handling in the open it has. XR's are good but heavy and frankly their speed potential scares the S&^% out of me, before I know it I'm going way too fast. 90 on the wr is fast enough!!! Big Jim :thumbsup::devil:

Hey Big Jim,

I am ready to go! :thumbsup: How does next spring sound! :devil: Lets organize a TT ride! :awww: Bahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your knees are ready. :lol:

Lets organize a TT ride!


Mi novia habla la lingua muy bien! Yo? Not so much.


A TT ride down the baja would be awesome! I want to stay at the bajia de Los Angeles again!



NEXT spring sounds great, I'm confident I'll be good to go by then, I'm sure I'll be able to ride clean-up..My phone in Los Barriles is 011-52-624-141-0465 if you dial from the states. I'll send you a PM with e-mail etc. We can come up with 4 days of riding easy and have an over-nighter if we want. I'd be happy to help with organization! We're a long way from Bahia de Los Angeles (unless you're those two Honda guys, Johnny and Steve) We're 60 miles fron the tip..Remember: it's very hot in May and the sun is very bright and the light is flat so good goggles are a must, along with lots of water carrying ability. :thumbsup::devil::awww:

BAHA, where WFO is a way of life!!!

Lets do it in early April before it turns 110 degrees? I am in but there is no point in melting the tires to the rocks! :devil: I think it is time to vote for captain and leader of the trip. My vote is for Big Jim. :thumbsup:

Wow! This sounds AWESOME!

Last time I was on the baja, our "ride" ended in LaPaz, and we headed north the next day. Did not get nearly the quality time that I wanted down there.

Mark that calendar Big Jim, because I think that this is something that I/we *REALLY* want to do!



"going to Cabo with a wr426F what do I need to do? "

Take me with you ??? :thumbsup::devil:

My friend and I live in Vegas, and have been thinking also of a Baja ride in the spring. Please let me know we would love to join in on a TT ride.



Matty :thumbsup:

I would be happy to help out and even lead this ride but at some point we would have to figure out who's really going to come down that far. then we would have to decide on the number of people that would be workable (like not 50) more like 10 or so'' so lets keep working on it. big jim :thumbsup:

I will call you at home Jim and lets start planning the ride. :thumbsup:

Keep me in the loop guys. I'll probably be down there Feb & April for sure and maybe November. Feb would be the best. I have a neighbor there in Los Barriles with a XR400 who may like to tag along if there are'nt too many. For those who don't know Los Barriles is about 1000miles south of San Diego.


Who is up for an 8 day trip down and back about 2000 miles! :devil:

That would be an amazing adventure, but we may want a support van if we get enough riders that want to do that length of a trip. :thumbsup:

It's about a two day drive down, and that's at a fairly relaxed pace, I personally don't drive much at night in Baja, especially in the sothern part due to cows in the road. The road is good but fairly narrow so semi's are also a bit of a problem at night due to their lights. I've driven it many times with a camper and trailer and enjoy the drive. Riding is good and we know several places to go that are off the beaten track that go through private property that we have permission to go through. That's one of the reasons for a reasonable number of riders, I can't lead a herd of riders through these beautiful ranches. We'll start the planing now! You will need some kind of support vehicle if you ride the bikes down, I've never done that myself, but my riding buddy in Baja did a trip with Malcolm Smith, that requires more planning and I'm not sure how long it will take to get to my place on the bikes riding off-road. We could certainly come up North a ways and meet you coming down though. Big Jim :devil::thumbsup:

Looks like I'll be in Los Barriles sometime in Feb. I'll be driving down in and leaving my Isuzu Trooper at my place in LosB and flying back. I may be able to trailer my WR down and send it back with a friend. I'll be down probably thru March. Not that this really matters to anyone other than there will be a WR rider there for you guys to hook up with.

As far as doing the 2000 mile round trip in 8 days. :thumbsup:

That's just Hwy Mex1. If you want to do any dirt riding you will put on lot's more than that. My suggestion is to trailer/truck the bikes and do daytrips. That way you can recover a bit between rides and also just ride the really good areas.

Another option is to have someone haul the bikes/gear down and then everyone fly in, ride the good rides, fly out. No wasted time driving. Except for the guy hauling the bikes of course.

Just throwing some ideas out.

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