going to Cabo with a wr426F what do I need to do?

As I said to Indy on the phone yesterday the really big problem riding down besides all the miles that you might not enjoy is GAS. If you go on the dirt most of the way it's a logistical nightmare eo have gas where you need it and if you take a wrong turn and believe me there are thousands of chances to do that, you are going to be doing some serious walking, That's why Honda rules the 1000 because they have pit stops all the way down that any Honda rider can use, when Kawasaki had the team effort they were the big dogs.. IMHO,I think day rides are the best idea. I'd love to ride with you guys when you get down and would probably even come up part way to meet a group but if I wanted to ride the whole thing I'd go with one of the groups. :thumbsup:

Yeah day rides seem to make sense Jim. Brandon and I are thinking of doing loops on the way down to La Paz. His girlfriend speaks fluent spanish and is willing to drive the support vehicle that we can have gas cans on for fill ups. Planning planning planning! :thumbsup:

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