tricks for xr 600

My bike is awsome stock but I want to perk it up alittle any ideas besides pipes and jets

Pretty standard honda stuff:

1. remove the aibox baffle. Remove the seat, then the part sticking into your airbox

2. get a uni-filter that has a new cage and ditch the stock cage and filter

3. take the header pipe off and at the head of the pipe, remove any welding slag left there

4. make sure you have the decompression and valves adjusted properly

5. rejet the carb with a 6 pilot, 165 main

6. from there it is exhaust. wether you put a tip in the stocker or go aftermarket

7. Tune the suspension! change the fluids for sure with new high quality fluids!

of course it should be without saying that a new plug and changing the motor oil and oil filter regularly is needed! Also greasing the steering head bearing and squirting the zerks for the rear suspension linkage

Here is a few more links to look at:


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