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Broken Femur

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My 10 yr old son had a bad crash a couple of weeks ago on his BMX bike and he broke his femur. I always figured he would break something on his motorcycle or playing hockey, not on his bicycle. Anyway, the break is at the top of the femur right where it bends at a 45 to go into the hip socket. I’ve heard the doctor refer to it as an IT fracture or a “base of neck” fracture. They say the higher up on the femur you break it, the worse it is. Apparently it can compromise the bloodflow to the cartilage inside the hip socket. He’s got two big screws holding the bone together and he’ll be in a full body cast for 6 to 8 weeks. The doctor says the screws will stay in permanently.

I’m curious if anyone has had or knows anyone with this type of break that could offer any insight on healing, recovery, rehab…etc



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