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Is this possibly the oldest thread resurrection ever?

If it isn't then its definitely the oldest 600 thread found

I was a freshman in high school when it was written and riding my 92 KX80 still!!!!

i have a 1986 xl 600r with an XR motor in it, the top end is a lil tired and i have the almost complete top end of the original motor and its in very nice shape. will the jug and piston from the XL bolt in and work on the XR bottom end? what needs to be done to make it work if it will and can anyone answer if this is an interchange that can easily be done cash is tight thats why i thought i might be able to go this route until i can afford to rebuild the motor properly. my email is jranseth@email.com if i cant get back into here thanks to anyone that can help

Well to update everyone on the Xr I am now the proud (with a little work)owner of a 600 woohoo it is clean other than needing plastics and a cleaning it is a runnin sumbuck i got it for $450.00 and a case of cheap and nasty budweiser will post pics as soon as the daylight arises and figure out how to work my brand new digital camera:banghead: not too good with camera's but time will tell.As for the bike well with a good cleaning and plastics the possibilities are endless it has brand new IMS desert tank new maxxis (I think IT)desert tires new gripper seat will be doing an oil change and if possible new k & n air filter but man am i happy this is my first 4 stroker bike what a difference from my cr 500 i sold couple years ago any suggestions on this will help and be greatly appreciated would like to look into some upside down fork conversions and i hope the resurrected thread was/is a good thing and Thanks All who helped in the suggestions :thumbsup:

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