Motard wheels

Need some suggestions on rim and hub color. East Coast Wheels is having a sale.....front and rear $800.00!!!!

I am having set built, the bike has the stock plastic and graphic effects graphic kit.

I know there are more talented riders than I when it comes to what looks good, help me out with suggestion and PIC's.

Will need some sticky DOT tire suggestions as well.

Front fender and better front head light.



I'll assume you have a 650R. These are just some hub/rim color combos I personally think would look good:

Silver on silver, keep the stock look.

Black rim/red or gold hub.

Gold rim/silver hub.

I think if you stick with red, gold, black, or natural you'll be looking good. Kawi green might look funny :thumbsup:

black rim gold hub....cant beat it??? :thumbsup::devil:


Oh and as for tyres you need Maxxis streetsports.....treaded to give a bit of grip off road(light trails) and sticky like you wouldnt beleive :awww::lol:

Thats what I need.....more pics guys.

cool ride!

What bars are you using....1 1/8"

Gold hubs w/ silver rims. Running Contiforce rubber, they're cheep and feel pretty damn good so far, on the hills and on the track.


You gotta get Ohlins USD forklegs.. silver hub with black rim works for me.


How about lowering the bike...? How much and who has the kit or the things to do?

Keep it coming!!!!

Just drop the front alittle in the tripple trees.

In my opinion it has to be black excel rims and gold talon hubs. Very tasty as you will see. XR4.jpg

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