WR websites

Hey fellas I am looking for this website I knew about a while back for the WR. It was really helpful with hints and tips on how to uncork the WR's. Does anybody know of any good websites on the WR?

Hey thanks Indy that thumperfaq was the exact one I had in mind. I also see your another Indianapolis native huh. I am on the east side. I bought my 426 today at that Indy cycle on post road today.

Great that you are in the Indy area. :thumbsup: PM me if you like to go riding out of state on any weekend. I pretty much ride 2 or 3 days every weekend in the surrounding states. Indiana has no real off road riding. Just playground parks. :devil:

Where do you ride at out of state. I used to live in South Carolina when I was in the Air force, and they have all kinds of fun trails down there. Indiana is kinda dry like you said. Or better yet do you have a website I could go to to check out the descripions of state parks or what not? Thanks Indy.

thanks for the wr450.com link....didn't have that one.....

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