Just curious as to whether there is anybody else out there who rides an XR500. I have an '83 XR500R that I've had since 1989. I have literally ridden the wheels off of the thing and only this year had to do any major repair work. I had to replace some of the gears in the transmission and since I had it apart, I went ahead and rebuilt the entire motor. I own a couple of other two strokes, but I expect I'll have this bike till the day I die!!!

Anyway, I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there?

I have an 85 xr500 with a new single carb xr600 engine in it. It has all the new electrics to go with it. The 85 has the oil in the frame like the last year and best 85 xr350. I also have one of those but have not gotten around to getting it running.

The xr600 runs though. Man does it run!!!

I went riding with an XR500 a few weeks ago. We almost laughed at him until he passed all of us(3 xr4's, 1 yz426, 1 xr6 and a VOR503) on the back wheel down one of the slipperiest trail in the Otway forests of Victoria AU. You have to respect that.

I just bought a 2001 XR650 to go with my 84' XR500. My 500 is still basically stock (except: Acerbis fenders, rear suspension & Supertrapp tail pipe), though she needs new valve guides. I haven't retired her either; my cousin rides her now.

Now my riding buddy still rides his 84' XR500 bone stock. (& he is still passing me! :))

These bikes have never EVER left us stranded. Thats Honda reliability at its finest.

I ride an 83' XR500R that my brother bought new. Tough bike and reliable as they get. I've almost finished reworking most of the bike. Has anyone had or seen anyone change the rear wheel to an 18"?? Any benefits besides better tire selection??

You can still get 17 inch tires including the paddle for Cheap Cheng so unless the rim is bent there is not much reason to change it. Who knows 17 might be back in some day like the 19 fronts. I think they are kind of cool with all that fat rubber.

Yeah, the Cheapo Cheng are like bike candy. That's what I run now. It turns heads on it's girth when it's new but it's usually chew it up and spit it out. I ride in Colorado now and the rocks are brutal. I was thinking an rim change to an 18" may improve some tire life. I've also heard some guys say it really helps handling. I really don't see where it would help unless it cuts down on gyro effects somewhere. Is a 17" tire mass different than a 18" tire mass??

I'm in the process of rebuilding the motor with some new updates and will probably have jetting woes to follow. Any done any jetting on the dual carbs??

Colorado's high in altitude so any starting points will be helpful. I just went to a Wiseco 10.25 compression and the Kibble-White valve train. I also upped the cam to a .370 lift from the stock .321 and durations about 5 more degrees. I got the cam for Al Baker's. I've got some friends who build NHRA motors so it was a cheap deal on the machine work.

I still ride the snot out of my 83 500 I bought brand new for less than $2000. ahhhh those were the days. When I went to the dealer to plunk down 6 grand for a new 426 I could not believe it was going to be 4000. better than my XR....I was wrong smile.gif Still love my XR though.

I just picked up an 84 xr500r this week. I'm in the process of sourcing some parts to get it trail ready. This is my first big bore and I can't wait to ride.

The bike seems to have all the basic comforts of the newest xr600r except the rear disc so I thought I would give it a try.

It's loud as heck without the muffler insert and I don't have the insert. Is the supertrap on these bikes quiet enough for the trail?

The shock is blown and the kickstand is missing. But I got a deal so what the heck.

Oh and it does have an 18 inch wheel added. Plenty of clearance.

I know a guy who has xr400 shock and forks he may want to sell. I have one of those white brothers Mikuni flat slide carbs that will make any xr500 thru 650L run really good and get even better gas milage. E mail me if interested. Venturov@aol.com

Thanks but I will be picking up a parts xr500 on saturday. The top end is blown and the exhaust is gone but the rest is there and the price is right. A rebuilt shock was installed last winter.

With this old of a bike, it's nice to have a parts bike.

I discovered that I have a 13/42 combo for the sprockets. way too tall. But the best part is that whatever speed I'm going it'll throw mud when I grab the gas. Love the pig.

I have a friend you just bought a WR426F and we traded a couple of times. They're both alot of fun.

My 83' XR500R was bought new for $1700 back in the days. I remember it to well because the sales guy had a cast on his foot because it kicked back a broke his foot in 3 places. Sometimes the bike likes to give you a little reminder. Especially if you hold the throttle open when it's fludded

I just got done redoing most of the bike. It's a real smoker. Runs a little lean.

I've got a SuperTrapp on my bike and it was quiter than the stock pipe without the baffle and alot lighter. I really like it. I picked up a whole bunch more mid-upper power. Of course the bottom-end is still crazy. The guys I ride with don't like getting behind it because it really shovels. I run the stock 14/48 and have thought of going lower with the new motor setup. It's great for open riding but in the woods it's still tall but the power pulls the whole way.

I had a friend who put some CR250 forks on the front. He had to have the triple-pin swapped from the original to the CR clamps. He also added a CR500 rear disk. There was some welding and fitting of couse. They're great but I really don't mind my drum to much. The only time I really notice it is when I ride someone elses bike who has a disk. It takes a couple of engine kills before I get the feel.

I'm still considering the 18" but it won't be until next year. I've heard some people claim it's helps handling but I really don't see how. Tire selection would be nice.

Does anyone have a source for jets and needles for the dual carbs?? I could really use some help finding some??

The supertrapp may be quieter than the stock system with no insert but that is still very loud. I will be adding the stock insert to the stock muffler to quiet the beast down. Also, I think it will help with my lean condition. Being quiet on the trail will help keep me on people's good side.

I run a 14/52 sprocket combo and it still is too quick for tight stuff. Next is a 13 up front.

I just bought 4 tires from Rocky Mountain. You have to check out their websight www.rockymountainmc.com in the bargain section. They have Cheng Shin 150/80X17 c761 on closeout for $21.99. and Metzler 120/90X17 Unicross for $32.99. I think the metzler might be smaller for an old xr200 or 350 model but the Ceap things are a real deal for old XR500 owners.. They have been shipping 2 tires to a box which saves shipping costs unlike other companies who nick you for $6 per tire.

Thanks for the tire deals!

I've been looking into rejetting the dual carbs. The dual carb 83' I have uses the standard 16.5mm hex Keihin jets. I haven't pursued the needles yet but they are a pain to change since you have to split the two carbs to get at em'. The trick is the Slow (pilot) Jet. The slow jet on my Keihin is not a standard size. It's 28mm long and looks the same as the N424-21 on the Sudco site and the one shown on the Baja Designs site but the threads are 4mm and not 5mm.

If you measure the threads on the slow jet I have the threads are 5mm at the outside of the threads but the shaft the threads are on is 4mm. All the slow jets I've seen have a 6mm outside thread size on a 5mm shaft. Thers's a lip where the jet has been turned smaller just for the threads. All the other slow jets don't have this lip.

Every shop I've went to has the standard 5mm type but not one has the 4mm. So I ordered one from Honda but all they provide is the 55 (which is stock) and a 58. I'm hoping the 58 will work.

Has anyone seen this oddity or know where to look for this smaller thread slow (pilot) jet??

Sounds like it is time to go looking for good drills. Can you rethread the carb for the standard jets?

I have a Mikini flat slide carb from White Bros that will eliminate all your carb problems. It has 3 sets of jets and cable. Will work for the XR650L also. First $200 takes it.


just picked up a 82 xr500 yesterday for 400$. The lady said it had not been started in a long time, put some gas in it and it fired up on second kick. the engine sounds great just missing a front brake lever that brok from being moved around a garage. The problem Im having is that when I went to shift it into second it doesnt want to go into gear, any gear for that matter other than first if you mess with it.. Anyonehave tips on adjusting the clutch?....PS anyone have a gorilla for sale that I can take with me to kick this thing over?

Holy old thread Batman! Been riding the piss out of my 84 500R for years. The dual carbs are not that bad if you begin with a full teardown, clean and rebuild. An inline filter will help keep crap from plugging the jets. I have a UNI filter and Supertrapp with 10 discs, stock jetting is perfect with this setup at sea level. It's a kinda loud when I romp on it but putts quietly at low throttle settings. Haven't had any trouble finding 17" rear tires, look at bike bandit dot com and cycle mart dot net. Motorcycle superstore has some 17s too. Love my 500, till death do we part. :thumbsup:

I had more fun on my '80 XL500 than any other motorcycle I've ever owned, It was an absolute wheelie king, I could wheelie for literally for miles on that thing.

Holy old thread Batman!

This thread is not just the epitome of old, but dead also. Most of the original posters haven't posted anything in six months or more and the thread starter hasn't been back here since.....SEVEN YEARS AGO!

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