scr water bag

what is the best way to clean the hydration cell, hose, and mouth peace? i have some mold cince i last used it. should i use bleach or what?

The last time I made the mistake of leaving juice in my hydration cell I first used bleach to clean it and then I left water mixed with baking soda inside to soak up the bad taste and smell. Seemed to work pretty good. I'm curious what others may say as well.


I've been known to turn cordial into wine by not cleaning my hydro cell. And it aint the good stuff. Try Miltons Baby bottle tablets if you have it over there. Any baby bottle cleaner will be safe!

If it's a similar design to the Camelback type system, just empty it, roll it up and stick it in the freezer between uses. I've been doing this for years w/no problem.

check your local mt. bike store they make cleaning kits. they have some cleaning agents

and a couple of brushes. they work great. they also have a hang dry for storage. those work great to.

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