tight woods

Right now I am riding a '96 xr600. I thought I wanted a wr400, but after I tried one I realised that what I like about the 600 is the torque and off idle snap. There are a few potential problems I see with an xr650. (most likely none of them are real concerns, but I have to ask before I spend my money)

In the march 2001 issue of Dirt Rider, they had a comment on the 650: "annoying off-idle stumble, tricky to start". Is this true? I've never heard about it anywhere else. I don't know if it makes a difference, but it was an Australian model.

It has never really crossed my mind before since my 600 is air-cooled, but will the 650 boil over riding on tight trails? My friend's wr400 doesn't boil over on the same trails I ride, so unless the 650 is more prone to overheating, it shouldn't be a problem, should it?

Besides the two things I mentioned, is there any reason the 650 would be more unmanageable in tight terrain than my 600? (Weight shouldn't be an issue as I understand the two bikes weigh about the same)

In case you were wondering, I will not just ride slow technical trails, but since the 650 has already won just about every desert race there is, I won't question it's ability in this environment.

Thanks for any input.


i ride a wide range of offroad conditions as an enduro competitor and in my oppinion the 650r is a little tempermental. in these events it is a mix of tight woods and open roads. the bike is a very good offroad machine and it is true about being hard to start after a dump. i also have boilded it over in tight woods on very hot days. throttle snap is improved with riching up the piolt or going one size larger. it does tend to like to be roled on and provides massive power. a ty davis hot start kit from zip-ty racing corrected the "long kicking" problem and the high preasure termistat and rad cap from src.com seems to have stopped the puking. im going for the real test at the next enduro. it also handels ten times better than my xr 650L which like the 600.

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