Starting my 600r

I live near Reno NV and own a Honda Recon, XR100 XR80 XR250 and an XR600 (well its not mine, I own the 250, the 600 is my dads). Anyway, my dads bike has a baja street kit installed and since I just got my license he said I can use it, which is great because until now I have had to stay of the main roads (I could drive a car, but its a hell of alot more fun to take a shortcut across the desert). Anyway, unlike my 250 the 600 is a bear to start, it usually involves choking, cranking it 5 times til you feel some compression, then smashing down the starter as hard as you can, which often doesnt work. Any tips on getting it cranking would be appreciated.

First, familiarize yourself with the choke mechanism on the carburetor. Turn on the gas and push the kill button in a few times. If you are starting a cold engine, give it full choke. Second, make sure you have a clean spark plug!!! I cannot emphasize this enough. If it is fouled, the bike will be close to impossible to kickstart. Now that you are ready to kick, cycle the kick start lever all the waydown about 5 times with the throttle at 1/4 and the decompression lever pulled. Let the decompression out now. Now cycle the kick starter until you have resistance (compression). This may take 3 slow kicks to get to the compression stroke. Then bring the starter to the top and kick! Only give out 1/8 twistof the throttle. If the bike does not start, cycle the kick starter 3 times to return to the compression stroke and try again. If you stall the bike when hot, it may be almost impossible to start. Try pushing the bike down hill and bump start it. That is the easiest thing to do when hot.

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