Mounting GPS to XR650r

I have a 2001 honda xr650r. I would like to mount a GPS to it. The gps that i have is a Magellan Sportrak Map. Will the stock stator be able to keep the gps running as long as the bike is running?? My bike is pretty much stock except i added a jet kit to it and it is uncorked.

Check out

They're the shiznit! They got all the information you'll need. :thumbsup:

yeah call cycoactive and ask for Lin and ask her if its true she is going to race the baja 1000 on a CRF250X!

I think she will get a chuckle...ask for the free Touratech catalogue--its gigantor and truly impressive lots of GPS:bikes stuff...

I couldnt have put it most succinctly:

de b da shnizzle...

Dont forget BajaDesigns...they also be da schnizzile...

I have a Meridian Color and use a Ram mount on both my bikes. They are very durable, versatile and hold up great to some hard use. The GPS is hard-wired to the BD dual sport kit using the Magellan adapter cord and I have not experienced any problems. I got my stuff quick from

The stock stator is good for about 80 watts, plenty left over after lighting for a GPS....But...the voltage is AC, and the GPS needs DC, so you will need a rectifier to convert the AC to Dc.

...but the stock stator is not good for 80 watts at lower engine RPM. Honda rates the 80 watts at a higher engine RPM, which still should be sufficient to power a GPS at lower engine RPM, but it may be a problem if the headlight is upgraded to 55 watts.

but it may be a problem if the headlight is upgraded to 55 watts.

That's true, I forgot about that. You need to read everything you can while at Cycoactive, there is a lot of info there about mounting, batteries, etc. I think I may have "killed" my GPS by too much vibration while running batteries.

I think I may have "killed" my GPS by too much vibration while running batteries.

Which Garmin GPS are you running and which Cycoactive mount? I've been using the GPS V with their shock absorbed mount, but I hard wired mine in. So far so good :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info. Cycoactive has nothing for the Magellan series GPS's. Where can i find that converter?? If i took a cigrette lighter cord for my Magellan Sportrak Map GPS and connected it to the bike, will that work?? if so, what is the best way to hook it up??


JBROWN is correct...

I too use a Meridian for my GPS on all my bikes and in my car/truck (using Direct Route)... hard wired to the 12v system (Baja Designs on the XR650R) with a RAM mount.

Try http://www.MobileCX.COM They've got the RAM mounts and are a distributor for RAM, since RAM's site is hard to navigate.

I think I've got some newer pictures on my personal site with RAM and the MERIDIAN on my Quad, but not sure about my XR.... Go check at

HARD WIRED is key for the GPS.

I've never ran into an issue this way, but I also have a rewound stator and run the HID/Halogen combo light from BajaD. If you need help converting stock electrical, call Jeremy at BajaD... tell him I sent ya. He'll be a world of help or if he can't help he'll send ya to someone else in the shop.

Good luck.

Thanks for the info. I just ordered a 200 watt stator for my XR, so that should work fine and everything should be fine now. I am going to leave the stock electrial alone and just run the GPS on the DC Regulator.

Thanks again. I will let you know if it doesn't work.

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