jetting help?

I live in Utah and almost all of my riding is done at 4000+ feet. My new 650r seems to run great right out of the box but Id like to get all I can. I tryed pulling the baffle out of the air-box and it ran great at low rpms but started bogging out at higher rev's. Obviously I need to make some carb ajustments but dont know what and would just as soon not have to experement. I would appreciate some recommendations. Try to keep them simple or detailed for I am a novice wrencher. Thanks

There are several mods that the 650R needs.

My copy is unreadable but I'll give you the web site. This is a copy of a honda newsletter with part numbers for the various upgrades. The power gain is around 11 HP. Your local dealer should have all the info. The hardest part is changing the needle in the carb.

Good luck,


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