Altitude jetting

I'm looking for some elevation info. I'm getting ready to head out to Colorado next week and am wondering if I need to change jets or not? I bought the power-up kit, but hav'nt installed it yet because I'm still happy with the stock set-up for now. The elevation here is about 630 ft.asl and I'll be up to 14,300 ft.asl. I know that there is going to be a difference in the way it runs, but will it be enough to require a change? Ive always taken 2stroks but this is the first time for a thumper. If there is anyone out there who may be able to give some input, I'd really appreciate it.


If your bike is jetted the same as mine from the factory it should run pretty damn good. I live in Utah and have been up over 10,000 ft with little change in performance at least campared to my buddies CR 250. Im currious does honda jet for a particular region ?. If they all come from the factory the same then youll be happy. Considering the highest point in CO is 14431 your time above 14300 will be limmited. Have fun.

PS. If you learn anything about high alttitude jetting I'd like to have it.

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