Anyone interested in a Revloc??

I'm considering selling my bike and understand that no one really appreciates the mods and upgrades when it comes to dickering on the $$$....SO....I'm looking at selling all the fun stuff and installing all the stock equipment before selling the bike. I've been running the Revloc for nearly two years(very limited use... :devil:...Due to work schedule) and would like to know if any of you out there might be interested. I will probably list it on E-bay for more exposure but I'm a member here and am sure that there are some that aren't aware of this site....

The clutch will fit all '01-02 YZ and WR 426's...per Dave at Revloc. The clutch is in great shape and I will try and answer any ???'s that you may have. I'm not a computer guy and check the email somewhat, if it takes a bit to get back to you, don't be alarmed!!

Thanks for looking!!

Quik :thumbsup:

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