Anyone interested in a Revloc??

I'm considering selling my bike and understand that no one really appreciates the mods and upgrades when it comes to dickering on the $$$....SO....I'm looking at selling all the fun stuff and installing all the stock equipment before selling the bike. I've been running the Revloc for nearly two years(very limited use... :devil:...Due to work schedule) and would like to know if any of you out there might be interested. I will probably list it on E-bay for more exposure but I'm a member here and am sure that there are some that aren't aware of this site....

The clutch will fit all '01-02 YZ and WR 426's...per Dave at Revloc. The clutch is in great shape and I will try and answer any ???'s that you may have. I'm not a computer guy and check the email somewhat, if it takes a bit to get back to you, don't be alarmed!!

Thanks for looking!!

Quik :thumbsup:

Someone here would probably be interested (possibly even me), but if you put an ad in the TT classifieds, with your asking price, you'll get a lot more potential buyers IMO. So, anyway, how much? :devil::thumbsup:

I second that, How much?

I guess I don't have an asking price.... :thumbsup: I didn't mean to mislead anyone but was merely seeing if there is any interest in a clutch that only fits the two years of the YZ and WR.

I'm sure that if you are somewhat interested, that you know what a Revloc costs new.... I paid extra to keep my stock clutch which was an addiional $400 on top of the $985 for the clutch. Like I said, I will list it on Ebay for more exposure since many others may be interested and unaware of this site. I have put a bit of thought into how to list it on Ebay.... I will probably start the bidding at $100 and I will have a reserve price. IF it doesn't make the reserve price...... I guess I'll know what the best Auto clutch out there is worth to everyone. I know that the Z-start and the EFM are available but I didn't like the design or the adjustability with either of them and that's why I paid more for the Revloc.

I ride with 5 other guys that run Auto clutches,1 has the EFM and another runs the Z-start.....the rest of us have Revloc's and don't seem to be tinkering with them at all and you still have the use of the clutch!

Once again, I apologize if I misled anyone but will let you all know if/when I post it on Ebay....



If you were in Love with you're REVLOC you wouldn't be putting out feelers on how much you could recoup by selling it...


Bonzai :thumbsup:

I guess you didn't read the first post.. :thumbsup:....I'm selling the bike and would rather install all the stock components that came on the bike instead of "giving" away all the add-ons with it! If you had $1500 worth of extra equipment on your bike and were selling it, would it add that much value to the selling price?? Or would you remove and sell the stuff individually?

I've actually got a lot of extra stuff I've gathered up "just in case".... Magnesium clutch cover and left side stator cover, kick start lever, head pipe, the list goes on..... So I suppose by your reasoning, I should just give that away with the bike during the sale???

The clutch only fits the '01-02 YZ and WR 426's.... I would love to keep the clutch and install it in my next bike but.....It ain't gonna fit.....


I've actually got a lot of extra stuff I've gathered up "just in case".... Magnesium clutch cover and left side stator cover, kick start lever, head pipe, the list goes on.....

Hmmm... I don't need the Revloc, but if you have a spare 01-02 header in good shape I may take it off your hands...


Thanks for the interest. I've been kind of procrastinating on all of this.....I don't really want to sell the bike especially at this time of year. Another issue is a digital camera. I used a friends camera to take some pics of the clutch and the magnesium covers but just haven't taken the next step to saying goodbye to my baby.... I will eventually need to get more pics of everything and list them on Ebay.......that's where I've picked up everything so I will go that route when selling. The head pipe has a couple small dings in it from rocks but I thought it would make a great replacement if I twisted up another one (I've when through 3 so far).

Once again........didn't mean to mislead anyone, just seeing if the clutch is something that would stir anyone's interest...

I will post again when I have anything listed on Ebay. You can bid if you like.....if not, that's fine.


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