To replace the fork springs do I need to remove the fork tubes from the bike or can I leave them on? The manual says to do this and that but I am not doing a complete rebuild. All I want to do is put in some heavier springs and maybe add oil if needed. It seems as if you need to measure the oil with the springs out and the forks completely compressed. I guess if i want to add oil to a certain level then I will need to get those fork tubes level, so I think that answers that question. BUt if I just want to add 10 ml to each side I wouldn't think that being level would matter.

What do you think?

You don't need to remove the fork tubes from the triple clamps. Loosen the top triple clamps so you can take the cap off the fork tubes. Then you can push up on the front wheel a little bit and you will be able to get at the fork springs, it's easy.

hi zekedawg (dirttrails?)

stock oil height is 12,5 cm to outer tube with fully compressed forks and with the spring removed, so if you want to measure oil level while not removing the forks, just remove the wheel and do the stuff bluebomber told you

then place the bike to stand on the forks and rear wheel

(youll have problems lifting it up)

10 ml of oil is as I think similar to zero

I did my forks recently and measured 1 cm of oil level (from 11,5 to 12,5) was near 40ml, maybe a bit less(I spilt some, while changing oil..)

Yes from dirttrails.

I just got the springs in from the Thumpertalk store and I am going to install them tonight. I will let you know how it goes.

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