650R rear fender

Whats the best, and best place to buy a rear fender for the BRP?

What are my options? OEM and UFO come to mind, anyone else make one and which is the best?

I just looped my bike and ripped the fender clean off, along with turning my pipe into a pretzle. :thumbsup:

I just looped my bike and ripped the fender clean off, along with turning my pipe into a pretzle. :awww:

i know the feeling :lol: i ended up with a ufo rear fender that i bought from four strokes only - i think it was about $80


or check ebay :thumbsup:

jeff :devil:

Ebay. I did the same thing and found a perfect OEM fender. I think it was about $30. Great price, and nothing else will fit and match like an original.

Yeah, ebay was my first thought, I checked there this morning, nada...

So I have 1 vote OEM and 1 vote UFO...

Does the OEM fender realy fit better then the UFO one? they both come with the fender light assembly? is one stronger/less flex then the other? I'll have the added weight of a BajaDesigns kit to bolt to it and always hated how much it bounces around...

Baja Designs (or Electrex- I can't remember which) sells their kit complete with a UFO fender & the rear light/ number plate holder/ blinkers already attached. They say the UFO fender is needed to handle the extra weight because it's thicker/ stiffer than the stocker. I just ordered one for my BRP- was afraid to even ask about the price :thumbsup: .

DirtyChris - sent you a PM :thumbsup:

JWS, Got it, Thanks!

Got the UFO rear fender- $65 including shipping. Fit great except there were no holes or slots drilled for the taillight wire & fixture; came with the lens but it just kind of sits on top of the fender; no "grooves" or lips molded in for the lens to sit down tight in (won't be water or mud-proof), & it mounts direct to the fender (i.e., not through rubber grommets like the stocker). It's actually quite a bit thinner than the stocker where the two rear-most bolts go into the subframe, & there are two molded-in holes right above the subframe's square tubing (maybe for a stiffener or grab-bar of some kind?). Anyway, these holes will allow dirt/ mud/ water right in, & on the left side I can see it making its way right into the airbox. ERRRGGGHH!!! Plus, right where those holes are is where my stocker broke (from lifting the bike out of a big rut), & I'm sure the holes weaken it dramatically in that spot. I guess I'll glue some 1-1/2" round tire patches over the holes. :cry:

Email me if you want pics. mikie1@comcast.net.

So, in short, STICK WITH STOCK!! The few bucks I saved cost me a riding day. Now I'm gonna buy the stocker anyway. :cry:

I got a OEM replacement... Thanks for the advice guys.

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