Vermont Plates


Has anyone registered thier XR600 in Vermont? I have heard rumor that you can do this, but never got the specifics; ie VIN verification, cost, etc. Thanks.

The XR's are green sticker bikes, which means you can register them in CA without going through Vermont. If you had a red-sticker bike you might be able to get a plate through Vermont and transfer it to CA, but I've heard of that not working in some cases. Here's a link to which bikes are green-sticker:

Go to for dual-sport kits and for DMV information.

Hope this helps,


The other thing that you do is if they ask you what the bike is after the DSK installed, tell them it is a XL600. My insurance company did not have a xr600, but did have an xl so I said "XL it is". Simple enough. Did the same at the DMV in oregon here, but the guy asked me 4 times how many wheels it had.

But another thought if they shaft you that way, get a XL600 frame with title and then either swap the vin plates or frames and go get your liscence plate. I see this as being more common as the XR/XL share the same frames, same with the DRZ and S versions.

most of the xr 600 can go to the CA DMV and do not deal with vermont

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