best silencer for duel sport? 99 wr400

Been told to run the FMF Q to be quiet and powerful but dont what to spend my money untill I have done more resurch.

Needs to be a spark arester.

Thanks for your input.

FMF Q if quiet performance is all you want or for more adjustability (noise and bottom end power) Power core 4 with removable quiet core insert, 1.5" or 2" opening caps and spark arrestor. :thumbsup:

The Q is a great performer aswell as the PC 496 model. Whatever you do don't buy the PC T4 and run the inserts, your bike will be choking and barely start.. I thought this was the way to go but it turned out to be a waste of money and didn't work like I thought.

I have to ditto FMF Powercore IV w/ quiet core insert and spark arrestor. This combination works great and you can take to quiet core out for the extra punch when sound is not an issue.

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