NorCal Rides - When/where

theres a lot of dates/locations being thrown around in other threads. Can somebody summarize the dates/locations here?

Whose doing what & where next weekend since the Reno 200 was cancelled?


Brian I am still going to Boomtown and ride the trails behind boomtown lots of good riding there the fire is way shouth of boomtown.i Think Mike is going to kendy-medows.



Why did I think the season was over and take my bike apart?

Brian, email me. Lets plan to get together.


Will you be riding forest single track or high desert stuff? I'm kinda leaning towards meeting you at Boomtown if the trails are single track. Not really in the mood for the desert thing....


Where is Boardtown? What are the plans for Saturday? How early of a start?


Brian start about 10;30 or so?Boardertown is in NV, 395 just come up and i'll show you.Hay if you want to go ride in the middle of the week give me a week notice and I can go or 3 days anyway.


Another guy & I decided to play hooky tomorrow since it's been raining all day today. I would love to be able to ride during the week more often but it just doesn't normally happen.

Monty - email me your cell phone and I'll give you a call Friday to let you know if I'll be at Boomtown or Grass Valley.


Brian we will do some good single track and high desert suff it's fun ridding up there you need to be daul sport.We will take a road out of boomtown to the single track and over to boardtown.



I can't make this weekend. Check your e-mail. On the bright side, Huge is probably going to ride Kennedy meadows so we will have some info there.


Ok Mike let me know how it is and we can plan a trip up there soon.


Hey NoCal Dudes.

I am going to be up your way camping at the Brannan Island St Rec Area. Just west of Walnut Grove and east of Rio Vista. Also North of Franks Tract St. Rec Area.

Is there any riding spots in the immediate area? Will I be bummed if I leave my bike home or should I bring it?

Where do you guys ride. Thanks for the input.

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