new fork springs needed, rate advice needed

Well I have figured that I am due for new springs in the front as mine are sagging already. I am trying to figure out the spring rate I should get. The stockers are .41kg, measured actual of .383 kg/mm by racetech.

I am not going to get progressive springs as they are just not what I want. so i have the following choices:

996 Eibach -- .43, .45, .47kg

3750 Race Tech -- .46, .40-.46kg

My weight is about 175 now these days. I ride pretty agressive and right now the compression is at one click from full and it is not enough. I am leaning towards the .45 to be sure I get a spring stiff enough. I am not bottoming out with the present stockers, so that makes me think at .43 spring may be better.


i would say that for 170lbs. .43 should be enough. i ride .46 and my compresion is all the way out and it still is a little stiff. try calling factoryconnection for advice it worked good for me. also ask if you might need to go up on the shock spring because after the forks are done you might upset the balance to the rear.

Steve @ White Bros. set my bike up. He has these bikes dialed. He used .45 Eibach front and a 10.5 rear. I'm 180lbs ready to ride. I love it for desert. I have to stiffen it up when I visit the MX tracks. It's nice to grab a screwdriver and dial it in for any condition. I've heard of several guys breaking the race tech springs.

great! thanks for the info!

I assume they are using the WB springs then instead of the Eibachs? I am not a fan of Eibach springs anyways in cars, so I would prefer to not run them in the bike. FYI


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