oil mess 650 r

there has got to be a better way to judge how much oil is in the filler neck and funnel. i just over spilled and watched the oil run down the frame on to the head! now i have smoke all over the place! i only used two qurts.

haha. experience, time and practice.

Make sure after the first quart goes down, you pump the kick starter over a few times. Just go slow and measure often. I have done that a few times on my 600. Hopefully someone will have a better solution than mine.


I can offer you this: the XR650R only holds about 1.8qts of oil. If you try to put 2 in, it will happen every time. :) Matt's suggestion about cycling kick starter is right on. That is how I do it. I put 1qt in, hold the comp. release, kick about 15 times, then top it off. I wish it was easier too. The first time I changed my oil I made a huge mess. It took several months to get the residue out of the radiator fins.

One additional trick I used on my former XR600 was to wrap a rag around the filler tower. That way, when (not if) I spilled, the rag caught the oil, not the fram and head.

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