XR650L foot pegs straight or bent up?

I bought a used but like new 2004 XR650L and I am having an issue with the left foot peg. My left heal is resting on the kick stand while riding.

My question is this: are the pegs supposed to be straight out or slightly bent up?

The bike doesn't look like it's been dropped on it's side but I swear the left foot peg is slightly higher than the right one.

Can I heat up the metal foot peg and bend it down?

Should I (can I) move the kick stand back an inch or two?

I wear normal work boots... size 13 so I doubt my foot is too big.

Any suggestions?


Ron Dunn Jr


Yeah,it's not your imagination.I installed IMS pro pegs on my '03 and it made it worse.I ended up filing the contact area of the pegs and the frame mount to where is only up at a slight angle. :thumbsup:

Glad to hear I'm not crazy. :thumbsup:

Did you notice a big difference after shaving it down?

Thanks for replying.

- Ron

It made a difference .I don't even notice it now ,while riding. :thumbsup:

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