YZF or GYTR insert

Does anybody have any information on whats a better replacement for the stock exhaust on the 426. Should I go with a YZF silencer, or is that GYTR insert that Yamaha offers really all its cracked up to be?

If you use the YZF gear, you'd better be riding on a closed course or private property. The OE WR has a USFS approved spark arrestor. With the GTY-R insert, your produce about 91db noise. Pretty quiet overall. I had one on my 01 WR426F, now I'm running a "Pro Moto Billet" insert on my new WR450F, its maybe a bit noisier, maybe 92 db.

Not to hijack the thread, but toyota do you know approximately how many db a completely uncorked WR450 is? I know its too loud for most public trails but I'm just lookin for a number to compare.

I spent the day riding my bike uncorked and I love the sound, was just wondering how much quieter the GYT-R insert I have ordered will be.

I have a Y2k YZ426 and an '02 WR426. The YZ is LOUD! It has bark that you can hear a 1/2 mile away and just resonates in the woods. I took the cork out of the stock WR when I bought it and put in the GYTR insert. The stock plug is quiet, no louder than a lawn mower and very restrictive. The GYTR provides a very noticeable power improvement and is no where near as loud as the YZ. With the GYTR, the WR sounds kind of like a stock XR 400. Plus, it's LEGAL to ride in the woods.

to compare an uncorked bike, ive heard that an e-series with all discs in produces about 110dB on a wrf400 99, correct me if im wrong. But they are quite loud

I got tested on my unplugged WR426 when I 1st got it and it was 103 dB. I installed a GYTR insert and tested 92 dB. I have also ran the stock YZ muffler with a Pro Moto Billet spark arrester with silencer and that test without the silencer 109 dB, with the silencer it brought it down to just around 98 dB and this was tested without me repacking the muffler. Hope this helps :thumbsup:

Not to hijack the thread, but toyota do you know approximately how many db a completely uncorked WR450 is? I know its too loud for most public trails but I'm just lookin for a number to compare.

Yes, uncorked, but with the stock muffler, its abvout 97db

Yes, uncorked, but with the stock muffler, its about 97db

So since the stock setup so close to legal uncorked, has anyone here cutoff any of the small tubes inside the GYT-R insert?

:thinking:Surely there would be enough muffling still to be under 96db with the insert in but cutoff if it's only 97db wide open.

Mad dog, I have a pro moto billet on my new 450F and its about the same opening as the GTYR, but no pipes, andf its about 92db, so I imagine it would maybe go up one decible with the organ pipes deleted!

Thanks Toyota. I think I'll chop the pipes then. It would have to sound better than that sputtering insert in stock form. :thumbsup:

cool thanks. I've got my GYT-R insert now but I still like the sound without it better...

since half (or more) of my riding will be on my parents or my brothers private land I'll probably pull the insert out most the time, and just use it when I'm riding public trails.

Nice thing about this insert is its about a 1 minute job to change, you can go OE at about 82 Db, GTY-R insert at about 92, uncorked at about 97!

I think you should really push the sound lower when possible, if it's really slowing your bike down then MAYBE there is some justification, but loud bikes are bad for all of us if you're anywhere that people will be offended by them. As you can see my mods below I run the stock pipe with the promoto billet and the bike is pretty darned fast. If you want more power or a lighter exhasust system try to keep it well under 96 DB's. Big Jim :thumbsup:

I used Yammies Gytr insert. Average Enduro/Scramble test,

is 94 db.

I'm just starting to get back into dirt bikes and it cracks me up that I'm reading about making your bike louder and such. I ride a Harley and I can set off car alarms when I want to! :cry: It's all good!!! :cry:

loud bikes are bad for all of us

I second this as well, I love the sound of my WR without the insert, BUT, they can be heard for quite a long distance, and even if the sound is not agitating to you and me, it can be agitating to people who do not ride dirt bikes. I personally ride at a 1800 acre riding area, and I do not want that taken away from me because the farmer down the road is tired of hearing loud dirt bikes, you get enough complaints from people like that and we could lose riding areas. I also have a pro moto billet insert, and with a few other mods my bike is very fast.

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