What kind of motor oil do you guys run in your bikes? I have a 96 xr600 i just purchased and I want to change the oil.

I never asked owner!!!


I run 10-30 or 20-20 Pure Power. It's non synthetic, works great, no problems with the clutch, trans, engine, etc.

I run the new amsoil 0w40 oil designed for 4 stroke bikes.


Be sure to change the oil filter also.

I got a dealer thing with amsoil and that knocks about 20% off most of their products. Also on ebay you can get 10 filters for $20. They are about $6 each at honda.

Mobile 1 15/50 synthetic. No other weights from Mobile 1 as they are setup for automobiles. They also sell 4 stroke motorcycle oils for twice the price. Good stuff but expensive.

well I have got 250 miles on the new 0w40 amsoil 4stroke oil and it still looks like new! Good stuff!

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