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XR100 Suspension Linkage(s)

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I’m trying to tighten up the loose suspension in my stepdaughter’s 93 XR100. I removed the suspension “pivot” (the one with the three bushings in it)- the steel bushings have seen better days, and the pressed-in sleeves in the pivot aren’t the greatest. Is there an aftermarket source (ie less than the $160 that Honda wants) for this pivot or has anyone had success with pressing out these sleeves?

How about replacing the steel bushings with sintered bronze?

Has anyone added grease zerks to make maintenance easier?

I suppose I will be checking the swingarm bushings today. I expect to find more wear.

The previous owner didn't do much maintenance (which was probably a good thing, since he didn't know what metric hardware or wrenches were), so I am finding little things here and there that need attention.

I’m out of work right now, so saving money is a little more important than saving time. I have access to a lathe and free material, so making parts isn’t out of the question.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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The best deal on the swingarm linkage and pivot kits are at:


They have great service!

They have the AllBalls (name brand) linkage kit for $69 and the swingarm pivot for $41

Linkage kit:

· Includes all the bearings in the link arm.

· All the shafts in the link.

· All the seals and spacers in the link and lower shock.

· Also includes the lower shock bearing.

Swingarm pivot kit:

· Each kit contains all of the bearings, shafts, seals and bushings

required to rebuild a Swing Arm to factory specifications.

I have done three of these in the last couple of weeks...they are good kits...2 of the bikes I had to press out some of the old bushings...and the other one the pieces just fell out:-)

If you have a vise and a few sockets then you will be able to do it no problem...good luck!


P.S. I think I already checked with a few of the sponsors of this page and they could not get the AllBalls...they could get Pivotworks...but they do not make the kits for 85-00.

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Thanks for the info on Rocky Mountain Cycles. They seem to have everything I need. Great prices too.

Thanks again.


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