replacing stock bars

I pretzeled my bars last weekend coming up short on a double: :awww::. So, it's time to upgrade the bars :thumbsup:. What size bars will fit the stock clamps?.. And, which bars do you guys recommend for a less than professional rider that has a tendency to case a jump or two :devil:?

Pro Taper just came out with a 7/8" SE series with all the standard bends. I picked one up a couple days ago, feels sturdy. Salesman sold me, said they were real strong etc. They do feel heavier than the Renthals (stronger? I hope so...). Pro Taper SE

If you've got more money, you can convert to a fat bar. Pro Tapers are supposed to be great, Renthal and Tag also make them. Tag has a real nice "Privateer" kit with a new upper triple clamp, fat bar, pad and grips. Tag Privateer T2 kit

Thanks, Lukejt. What color PT's did you go with? I have an 03YZ450F... Wouldn't I need to change clamps for the fat bar? When doing so, do you need to change upper and lower? Not sure I understand the benefit of changing clamps... :thumbsup:

If you are going to change to "stock" sized bars you need to look for 7/8" diameter bars. The standard Renthals, Tag X5's, Pro Taper SE, Moose, etc. Any of the standard (7/8") bars will work with the stock clamp. You would just need to figure a bend and color that you like.

The best bars are going to be the oversized bars. These bars are 1-1/8" diameter. To mount these bars you need either an adapter kit or a top triple clamp. Oversized bars include Rethal Fatbars, Renthal Twin Walls, Tag T2's, Tag XT1's, Pro Tapers, etc.

If you were interested in changing the top triple clamp, you would NOT have to replace the lower. UNLESS you were going to change the offset. There are many manufactures that make just top clamps. The benefit of doing a top clamp is; adjustability, rubber mounts (or rigid mounts), ability to run oversized bars, and they look cool. Many clamp makers say that their product helps reduce fork flex or twist, but this is not always true. Aftermarket clamps tend to weigh a little more also.

Now that I have armed you with all that could ever want to know about different handlebars and their mounting, it is time for you to decide what you want out of your handle bar.

I highly recommend Pro Tapers or their equivalent. You can get universal adapters fairly cheap, and the Pro Taper style bars are way stronger than the standard size bars. One word of caution- I have not had good experience with Renthal standard bars- they bend very easily. I ran a set of TAG X-5's (standard size) for 2-3 years, then replaced them because one of the crossbar bolts came loose and stripped out from getting banged on all the time. I replaced them with Pro Tapers and I have never been happier.

Did you replace them with 7/8" bar or the 1 1/8" bar?...

I went from stock to 7/8" Renthals (McGrath bend) to 7/8" TAG X-5's (stock Yamaha bend- same as McGrath) to 1-1/8" Pro Tapers (Doug Henry bend- taller than stock, plus universal adapters for 3/4" more rise).

x2stroker - go to and purchase a set of "yz bend" 7/8" renthals delivered to your door for about $60. Either that or While you are at it, order your new grips from them too. I only use half-waffle in a "medium" hardness - any brand is fine with me.

These bars will do just fine for most riders and it's what I use.

Then, go to your local home depot and get a tube of "Outdoor Goop" or "Automotive Goop" which is found in the section near glue and caulking.

When you get your new bars in, apply a liberal amount of goop to the inside of the grip, then slide them on making sure that the goop (glue) is evenly distributed inside the grip. Let dry overnight. I've tried a bunch of different stuff and the goop is the absolute best at preventing grip twist.

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