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Land Use meeting at DU?

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Did anyone see this story on Denver channel 7?

I didn't hear anything at all about this until this morning, did anyone else? Did anyone attend?


DENVER -- The Forest Service wants your opinion on what should be allowed on public lands. Should it be just hiking and biking or should all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and other vehicles be allowed to create new roads?

New ATV Trails Mark Up Forest Land

A group of environmentalists is raising awareness for what it says is out-of-control off-highway vehicle use in the national forest.

From the air, tire marks on the tundra are clearly visible -- indiscriminate trails not created or approved by park rangers. The marks are scars on the land created by people four-wheeling off the main trail, environmentalists say.

While some see these new trails as a recreational opportunity, others see it as a sign of serious problems. Environmentalists say these new roads and trails, if left unchecked, could harm both plants and animals.

"The greater the density of road network you have in the area, the more the animals and wildlife are affected by that," said Aaron Clark, of the Wilderness Society.

"These are not bad people that are doing this, they (just don't know), " said Currie Craven, of the Friends Of Eagles Nest Wilderness.

Others say the Forest Service should do something to stop people from abusing the land.

"I'm terribly sad. What folks could do is have a better understanding of their impacts on the land. Everybody has an impact," said Craven.

Mike Schmid rents ATVs at Camp Hale near the White River National Forest in Eagle County. He said it's an enforcement problem.

"It would be nice to see the Forest Service out on the trails to police what goes on up there," said Schmid, who works with NOVA Guides ATV Rentals.

Others say keeping an eye on all of the land would be impossible.

"They only have a handful of enforcement officers for a 2.3 million-acre forest," said Richard Compton, of the White River Conservation Project.

You can give your opinion on this issue at a public hearing at the University of Denver in the Lindsay Auditorium. The Wednesday meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. in Room 281 in Sturm Hall.

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Unless I did not catch it I did not see what Wed this will be held on?

I'm not sure. I got the feeling that it was Wedneday the 8th, but perhaps it's not. It doens't seem that this type of story would be broadcast in advance to me.

I hope that someone heard of it and was there to represent the views of recreationalists, but I didn't hear a thing about it. I would have been there if I had, it's only a couple blocks from my house.

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