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Possible new MX track in Lakeport! Need local support

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An email I got from the Ukiah MX track:

As some of you may be aware, there is a group of property owners in Stockton who own 500 acres of land in north lakeport. I contacted them earlier this year and suggested they turn it into a multi track motocross park to which they agreed. They have ben working with the county of Lake to rezone the property to allow for such a park. The planning department presented to the Lake County Board of Supervisors last week Intent to rezone property to allow for OHV race tracks on ag zoned property as well as RV camping. The board apporved the intent and now the planning department will finish up some details and bring the actual ordincance to the board for a vote. This will take about two months. When this occurs, it will be brought in front of the Lake County Board of Supervisors in a public meeting held on a Tuesday. This will be the meeting when everyone (from what I hear there are about 50 - 60 so far) opposed to the amendment will likely be there to try and convince the board to deny the amendment and subsequenlty prevent the park from opening.

I write this email now to ask you to keep this in mind as when the date for meeting is announced I will be asking for you and your children to attend the meeting to support this zoning amendment. Lake county is known for its resistance to change and this will be no different. The only saving grace is that the members of the Board are VERY SUPPORTIVE of this project and a strong showing of families and responsible riders will surely defeat the opponents of this zoning ordinance amendment.

I will provide further details of the meeting as soon as they are available. If, when the meeting is announced, you are unable to attend, letters of support will be very beneficial. Pleae begin to pass the word and prepare to make a trip to lakeport for this very crucial meeting.

Forward this email to all your riding buddies, shops etc. The goal will be to have the board room filled with more of us than there are opponents.

Thanks and I look forward to your support.



I will post details later, as soon as I get them. Hopefully we can get more people to snow up! Also, even if you maybe THINK about possibly coming to Lakeport, ever, SEND A LETTER. Tourism is huge here. An MX park that brings riders from different areas will be great.

Thanks for your support.

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Keep me posted Dave, e-mail me directly please. mattexcels@myexcel.com

I know quite a few of both dirt bike and quad riders in this area, as well as a few little kids. We'll make a strong showing at the board meeting.

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