01,xr 650l head problems unlike any other

hello,my exhaust valve seat on decompresor side has become lose ,was making a tapping noise for awile then locked sideways causing some serious noise a long push home :cry:has any one else experianced this and could it be do to the decomp also can the seat be put back and locked in?any advice is always welcomed and appreciated ty?

The seat actually came out of the head? I've heard of them sinking into the head, but not falling out. Only thing I can figure is it wasnt pressed in quite tight enough and eventually worked loose. If the seat pocket hasnt been wallowed out or wasnt too bigh to begin with, then it should be repairable. Remachining of the pocket and installing of an oversized seat would be ideal. I work in a machine shop so I could personally make one and cut the head if I needed, but I dont know of any for the consumer market. Also, it shouldnt be decompressor related if its not adjusted too tight. Even then, it should just burn the valve.

The exact same thing happened to my XL600R.Right ex. valve seat popped loose.I ended up just staking it in and it worked,but i would recommend having it done by a machine shop or sending it to XR's Only(i think they can fix it) :thumbsup:

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