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jd jetting question for 03' YZF 250

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I have a question about my new jd jetting kit. I recently jetted my 03' YZF 250 with my JD kit at an elevation of 400 feet and temp of 80 deg. I came up with a 180 for the main and then moved on to the needle. I tried the blue one in clip 5 and then 4 but I still seemed a tad rich. I wasn't sure if I should go to 3 since the instructions said that 5 was a baseline setting, so I installed the red needle in the 4 slot. This seemed very good but I was wondering if I would be better off using the blue needle in clip 3 since my altitude and temp are not extreme. My bike also has the typical bog and I just got my 40 leak jet but have not installed it yet. When I jetted with the bog I came up with a 38 pilot. I have noticed that most people on this site are using a 40 or 42 making my 38 seem too lean. Was the bog confusing me into using the 38? Assuming the leak jet cures atleast most of my bog will I need to richen the pilot jet a bit. The powernow is the only thing that has been done to the motor. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

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