XR650L 14 Tooth Counter Sprocket

I just installed a Sprocket Specialists 14 tooth sprocket on my 650L. It definately geared it down nicely and I really like my new gearing. However, I noticed that the stock sprocket had a rubber type material around the inside edge of it and my replacement does not. Is this a problem? Also, does anyone know the quality of Sprocket Specialists products - are they good quality products? Also, does using the smaller sprocket wear the chain faster? One last thing - what is the torgue setting for the 2 bolts that hold on the sprocket? Thanks in advance for your feedback. :thumbsup:

I do not know about the brand in question. However I do know that the cheaper sprockets, and the hardened steel sprockets will wear out the counter shaft coming out of the trans. I found out the hard way. In attempts to save a dollar or two I put hardened steel Renthal sprockets on the bike. The result is that the sprocket did not wear at the splines but the shaft did. The shaft cost $150 plus entire engine tear down and all gaskets cost around $500 to $600 to fix. So buy saving 2 dollars per sprocket, it cost me $50 dollars to save $20. I now buy OEM sprockets. they are machined to better tolerances at the splines. I will not go through that again. You can run aftermarket rear sprockets with out any worries. They do not move, so the will not wear out the hub.

As for chain wear, I have not noticed any more wear than the 15 tooth. Just keep it clean and lubed and it will last as long as the sprocket. Replace them as a set and you are good to go.

Ray H

I believe the rubber is just to reduce noise. After a few thousand miles, its all squished down anyway.


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