1997 XR600 - Wife says its gotta go



you'll only miss the wife for a little while, eventually you'll forget you were even married.

be a man , get your gonads out of your wifes

purse ,.... uhhh , just kidding lady !

girly man! i'll have the bikes longer than the wife

Hi Pellco,

I notice you haven't written a reply yet.

I hope it is because you are out riding. Remember that women are like airline seats, always try to get an upgrade!!!

"Wife says it has gotta go" because I just got My NEW CRF450 and it rocks. But I still have a soft spot in my heart for the ole XR600. So there is the gonads, its called CRF450 and is is scary fast.

Good man,

Lucky bastard. We have not seen the CRF450 down here in Australia yet.

You must be walking like a gun slinger with those huge gonads now!!!!!

Dude, do you still get to keep your sack, or will your wife be holding onto that for you!!! What does she have to get rid of besides her attitude!???

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