04' O.T.D. for $5400?

I have the opportunity to buy a brand new leftover 2004YZ450f, for the out the door price of $5,400. Seems to be the best deal around here. Seem fair, and anybody get one for less?

I got mine for $4999 plus tax from Yamaha of Troy , that ended up just under $5400. $50 less than I paid for my '03 250f. Love both the bikes, worth every cent! :thumbsup:

I got mine for $5499 O.T.D. about 4 months ago from L.A. Yamaha. This was before the 05' were announced. I think you should ofer them a couple hundred dollars less or just manage to get a better deal since it is a leftover 04' :thumbsup:

I just, and I mean just got my '04 YZ450F for $4,745, brand spanking new from a dealer out of WI a few hours ago. $200 to get her home, and no sales tax. and I'm absolutely amazed at the throttle response and power of this beast.


If you can buy it from a local dealer for that price it's a steal. I can show you 10 places here that sell them for retail + assembly + tax.

If you buy locally they will take better care of you when you need service and parts.

If it is a good shop that you want to support it is a fair price.

I paid $5188 OTD in Nor Cal a month ago which tranlates to about $4750 plus tax and $45 DMV fee.Anywhere in the high 4s to low 5s before tax is esentually cost.

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