Best Gearing For Woods?

What is the best gearing for an 2000 XR 600 in the woods? By woods I mean primarily 2nd gear single track riding w/ some pretty good climbs, downhills and switchbacks. Very rarely is there opportunity to let it rip in 3rd or higher but it's occassionally in 1st.

I live in Nort AZ and ride mostly tight woody single track with alot of up and down hills on a xr6. I currently am running a 14 50, tried 13 50 but too low. With 14 50 stays in second most of the time even at near stops.

I personally just run a 13 tooth front sprocket from the stock 14 tooth. Cuts down the top end, but down low it keeps me in second and third more.

So it as at 13-48. Runs really well offroad! just took at 55 mile dualsport ride up to the trees, thru them and back. Bike still tops at 80mph. With a stock tank and am 2/3 the way thru it now. I assume putting back the 14 tooth up front would help mileage a bit. But I am pleased.

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