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Results of Jetting

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This probably qualifies at the best mod yet.

I have the stock 2003 California S model with a stock pipe and jetted for 2000-5000 based one where I ride and the advice of everyone here, which I think had been taken from Burned's prior posts. :lol:

At anything over 2800 feet the bike hesitated and ran poorly and at over 4500 feet would not clear up even at half throttle. Plus, I never needed choke to start it, so it was running rich and the fan was on much of the time.

The jetting I had installed was

134 main

25 pilot

extended fuel screw 2 turn out

Dynojet needle

Dynojet Spring

3rd clip

3.5 inch by 2.5 inch hole

The results are great !! Perfect.

First, from 2000-4000 feet, there is no hesitation, no stumble, and it pulls hard though out the entire throttle range and runs smooth. At over 4000 feet it sometime hesitates off idle in gear like before, but if you keep the revs up it is not an issue. Thus, even the 134 is not too lean for 3000 to 5000 feet. I don't find myself opening it up off idle anyway, I try to keep the revs up a bit. I also notice that I need to choke it to start it now and the fan is on less also. Life is good. :thumbsup:

But wait, there's more. Not only does it run smoother, but their was a power increase. Hmmmm. I didn't think I needed more, But I LIKE IT. Before lifting the front end required a few tricks, but now, just open up the throttle. Suprised me the first time :devil::awww:

Can also lift it is second now which was quite a task before. There is more power through out at all rpms which I personally like because sometime I can shift less and I think it is safer to have more, reliable power.

I wanted to report the results in case anyone else is riding at the elevation. Thanks again.

Also, I stiffed up the rear shock and that also makes a big improvement. Before the back end kept lifting up and smacking my butt but now it is on the trail more and better traction. Whoops are better too but I don't go that fast.

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I have the same jetting in my bike, with the addition of a Hotcam intake and Yosh full "E" system. It runs perfect up to 6,000 feet or so, then it gets rich. It runs lean at sea level. Sounds like you hit it right on the head for your elevation. Enjoy!

As for me, I need to install a smaller main as I am in Colorado now and my base elevation is 6,000 feet. I need to rejet my body as well. My first trip to the gym and I about passed out! :thumbsup:

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I agree!!, Thats pretty close to what I run and with those mods and a UNI air filter it really made a differance. As a CR500 rider I'm pretty pleased with the power, I've gone to a 132 main and while it may be a touch lean below 3000' it runs great up to 6000' or so. Unfortunatly a daily ride for me can go from 3000' to 11,000!! so I'm still fighting it some!!. I've looked into the Edlbrock carb but I can't afford that right now, :devil:, :thumbsup:.

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