Breather hose set up

Did this on my blue bike, and on my dads red. First thing I did was take the breather and split it into two lines, then I took one of the lines and put a 1 way valve on the line to allow flow into the crank case, I then ran this line up and into my airbox between filter and carb, so I get filtered air into my crankcase. Then I put a 1 way valve on the other hose that allows flow out of the crank case and let this line hang down. Works like a dream. For the valves I just used some small hose valves that my dad just literally had lying around, you can probably find them pretty easy.

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I used xr's only breather kit which is a small k&n filter attached to 1/2 hose that goes onto the engine breather. Only problem I had was finding a suitable place to mount the filter, which ended up on the inside of the frame near the shock res (xr6). I saw the that uni also made filters of smilar size, might have to pick one of those up as I perfer foam.

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