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xr70 carb help

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Okay, I've been fiddling with my daughter's xr70 for a while and it is still running rich. I have opened up the air filter housing a little and put in a UNI filter. The fuel screw is 1.5 turns out. I put in a new plug and ran it for about 20 minutes until it was completely warm. Up and down the rev range, riding around. Let it cool after I shut it down, then pulled the plug. Black as a coal miner's lungs.

So, I'm going to pull the carb and clean it out. But I don't know what the stock jet(s) are supposed to be, nor the needle clip position. Can somebody with a manual check it out for me? Also, any reccomendations to try?

It actually gets around fine, but it is a pain to get it to idle when it is cold. I can increase the idle speed to keep it running, but over the next hour I have to slow the idle down every 20 minutes or so or the clutch doesn't disengage.

thanks for any help.

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