650R - Michigan trails - my impression

I've had two XR600's and two WR400's. I live in northern Michigan where the trails are amazing and this weekend I went for a ride with three pals and my new 650R. Adam was riding his WR250f Jeff was on his WR426 and scuba Steve was on his Suzuki 400. The power advantage of the XR was clear from the start.

On the snowmobile trails it was no contest.

The single line trails had me concerned though,the last time I ran them was with my 2000 WR400 and I was a little nervous how this big Honda was going to do.

I have to admit I was shocked at how well this big XR,(now known as Betty), took to the trails. I had to laugh at the boys looking over their shoulders and me right there on their rear fenders.

There are four riders in northern Michigan with new respect for this big red bike.

We all make our bikes street legal here,(easy in Michigan), so we can ride lots of places. Sad note though - on my way to a friends place of business today to show off my new toy a retired couple in a SUV turned left in front of me,(from right lane), and I hit the pavement hard. Fortunately the damage to the XR was mostly to the cheap handle bars and the left foot peg. I'm waiting to see how I feel in the morning.

That one cool thing about street legal dirt bikes, after a crash they look better,(patina), try that with your F4I.

where do you guys ride , i do alot of dual-

sport type riding in the indian river ,

wolverine area .

We ride between Gaylord - Lewiston - Petoskey - Vanderbilt area. Gaylord is home base. How is the riding up in Indian River?

Originally posted by Dutch:

We ride between Gaylord - Lewiston - Petoskey - Vanderbilt area. Gaylord is home base. How is the riding up in Indian River?

Hi Dutch

I live in Petoskey Mi and I ride a lot of the same trails. I have been all over the state ridding and I allways come back to the tomahawk trails. They are the best. I also have a XR650R. I am interested in selling it. It is a 2001. I am asking $4100. I think that is a steel. Tell all your buddies. It is to much power for me. I am going smaller. We should hook up and ride somtime.


Hey Dirt Nuts, My WR250F with very low hours is for sale. Give me $2000 and your monster,if it's perfect,and maybe we'll talk.


Hey Adamwanker

I still need a bike with some power. No mopeds please. (wr250f)

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I can feel a Tomahawk showdown brewing.

No showdown but I will be ridding the A loop of the Tamahawk. I will be at the parking lot at 1:00 just past Webber lake on Springvale Rd. Anyone is welcome. We may not have to many ridding days left.

Hey Dirt Balls, my next free day will be Tuesday,I hope. I know Dutch and Scuba-Steve are thinking about riding too. This year is winding down fast. I think we'll still be riding in November. Scuba-Steve might be riding a 2002 Cannondale next season,if he can keep it running...

Hey - I was on the Tamahawk today 'bout that time. I noticed some fresh tracks. I was there with three friends, big Teddy with his 520 KTM, Dan with a 650L, and John with a 350 Suzuki. The conditions were perfect, moist dirt, peak fall colors, and a fast guide to show the best trails. I have to admit that the trails today are some of the best I've experienced up here. Every time I ride this 650R I like it more. Big Teddy and I touched them off on the pavement and I went right by him,(that surprised me).

Are you saying that a 650R is faster than a KTM 520MXC?

How do you spell Tomahawk? Tamahawk? Not that it matters. Are you still saying a 650R is faster than a KTM 520?

All I'm saying is that BIG Teddy's 520 was no contest.

Hey Adamwagar

Are you allways so confrontational?

I think I'm suffering from Displacement Envy. Or maybe I should keep my jaded thoughts to myself. Anyway,sorry about the jabs.


After all the playful bickering lets go riding tues or weds. Scuba Steve will wait for you guys at all intersections on the DR400. Reluntantly the DR and my yz250F are for sale. New thunder is in the future. Either a CR450 or Cannondale 440.

Does everybody out there appreciate what a twisted batch of characters I get to ride with here in the Northern Michigan woods? It has taken many years and lots of physical and emotional abuse to form this group. We have quite the battle out on the trails, and I'm not talking about the riding!

I can't wait until snowmobile season.

Dont you guys have to work Tue and Wed. I am going Saturday.

Hey Dirtnut, I have three kids and a wife that keep me close to home on the weekend. I'm going to play hooky,sounds like now maybe wednesday. I think you might be comming down with something and are going to have to call in sick on wednesday.

Dr. Adam

dutch , the riding around indian river is

excellent ! the single track is a little

whooped , but not bad . i also snowmobile

around i.r. , my mom has a place out by

hoppies on the north end of burt lake .

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