Building the best dual sport kit???

I am currently trying to figure out the best way to go to get my 01' XR650 dual sported. My requirements are:

1. Easy to installation. (some tinkering OK)

2. Fits cleanly. (wiring harness & such)

3. Looks like it belongs on the bike ((color & style) I don't want it to look like Frankenstein). I would even prefer to use existing headlight & tail light with modifications.

4. Be mostly legal. :)

5. It needs to be as reliable as the bike it's going on.

6. I know it won't be cheap but I'm not made of $

Does this sound reasonable or have I been riding at the back of the pack to long & sucking up too much dust. Some others on this site have mentioned all kinds of equipment. Is it best to just by the Baja designs kit, install it to get it registered, then replace parts I don't want with others I like better? Or should I buy it bit by bit till I get all the parts I want then intall those?


gtms34 posted:

If your interested, I have tried lots of different lights etc. for dual sport. The only BD parts I'm using are the master switch, main harness, and regulator. I modified the stock tail light to make it brake/tail, I made the stock headlight a dual element. I'm running Lockhart mini signals. See if Baja will make you a partial or cutsom kit. Their kit is well made but I want more stealth. I'm going to sell the Baja signals, mounts, headlight, tail/brake light, etc.

Look at poor mans dual sport kit on the DR page. If you like to tinker this looks like a cheaper way to go.

Talk to you later,



I've seen kevin's set up & it looks good. I like the mini-signals & BD master switch but I dont know if the signals are legal (will the DMV have to inspect the bike) and Kevin said the switch had gone out a couple of times on him. (BD took care of it every time though)

What have you guys out there done and used? Please post any websites, recommendations, or info about things you liked or didn't like.

Thanks guys,


The DSK from Baja designs is really nice on the xr650! They have a new headlight that is much better looking than the acerbis one. Looks like a stocker but with a bit larger headlight. Also the rear taillight is like a mudflap mounted under the fender. It looks way good!

I would personally order the kit without the front blinkers. Buy some of the FSO handgaurds with the blinker built into them in the color you want. On the rear, just mount them to the fender or get the flush mounted ones (not DOT). That is going to be the easiest and cleanest looking way to do it that I can see. If you dont want the rear mudflap/taillight setup, you could convert the rear light over to a 3 wire setup and I guess screw the plate to the fender.

new headlight:

hand guards with turn signals:

Flush mount turn signals:

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Hey Mike,

Your in Long Beach right? I'd be up for getting together and building a kit. We can duplicate my wiring harness. I've got 4 or 5 turn signal ideas. Some legal, some not :). You can buy the main switch, headlight, regulator, etc from BJD or FSO. I'd sell you my BJD signals and headlight if that works for you.

Best of luck,


Give me a call if you need some help. My web page is . There is a minimun list of parts you need, Call me.

Thanks guys. I'm kinda on hold for a few more weeks. My sister was just out here for three weeks from Germany with her son. Her husband is in the army and he was unable to come. Now my son is having surgery this Fri. (Nothing life threatning just cosmetic), so I'll be dealing with him on that leaving me no time for my bike. I'll get back to you Kevin to take you up on your offer.

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